World Peace Day September 21st 2014

World Peace LogoIn their Iconic Song, a generation ago “Give Peace a Chance,” the Beatles echoed a much needed mind-set for the world struggling to achieve a modicum of peace in a world torn with  war, fighting, killing distress, discontent and refugees flying from one place to another. Our world today is not much different from then.

The world wide web gives us sad and bad news daily of growing tensions and threats of war. Turn on the TV or news on your Smart Phones, What do you see? What do you hear?  We are spear heading for our own destruction, our own survival, and more the next generation. Think about it. How much complacent, and couldn’t care less are we about it?

Give Peace a Chance …… Think about it for the good for your  own self and posterity…..Let There Be Peace On Earth@2008-09-07T09;25;07


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