A Summer Story

  (Adapted from a Native American Folktale) How Winter and Summer decide to live at Peace….

 Long ago there lived a group of American Indians lived at the edge of Winterland in an island called the “Land of Sunrise.” The Indians of the island called themselves the ‘Children of Light,’ Wawaniki, because they were the only people who saw the light of the sun in the far distant horizon when they woke up in the morning. The Land of Sunrise was ruled by a very kind hearted man by the name of Glassenap.

Once Sunrise Land got extremely cold. The land froze. Snow and ice spread everywhere and covered  everything. Fires wouldn’t glow and give warmth. No corn could be grown and no animals could be reared. The people were perishing of the cold.

  Glassenap wanted to do something to save his people. So he went as far North as possible beyond which lay the Land of Winter. He inquired from the people why their land was frozen. he was told of a giant by the name of Winter living in a wigwam and that it was the giant’s breath, that froze the land. Glassenap decided to have a talk with the giant and entered the wigwam. Before long the giant’s frost fell on Glassenap casting a spell over him and he went to sleep for six months. At the end of six months the charm left Glassenap, and he woke up.

  In the meantime Looni a wild bird who had been very attached to Glassenap, came looking for him and brought him good news. The bird told him of a land to the far south that was always warm. The land was ruled by a maiden, who’s name was Summer. She was very beautiful and had a powerful glow about her that could melt away anything frozen.

   Glassenap was dtermined to find the maiden to save his people. he requested the help of the bird who carried him on his wings to the far south to the shores of the southern seas…A SUMMER STORY….

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