June – Looking Forward to A Peaceful Summer!

        JUNE is the sixth month of the year. It was the fourth month in the Roman calendar and had only 29  days. The Romans named it after Juno the goddess of marriage and so June is known as the wedding month.

Flower:  Rose; Birthstone – Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone.

MONTH : It is the National month of dairy and dairy products, established in 1937 as a tribute to American dairy producers.  (POSTED IN NEWS AND EVENTS)

Activities : 1 Children can bring pictures of dairy products they like and glue them on scrap books or Bulletin boards. 2. Draw and color dairy products and write down special information about each picture.

National Iced Tea Month: Tea is exportd from tea producing countries packeted in loose form or in Tea bags. Did you know that? Tea is one of the healthiest of beverages. It began as a medicine and grew into a beverage. A packet of tea has many healthy ingredients. (1) It is rich in antioxidents that helps clean the blood in the body (2)Rrecent medical research has shown that tea is good for the heart and helps reduce the initiation and progression of some cancers. (3) Tea assists the natural immune system’s response to infections.

Activity: Let children bring empty boxes of Tea and working in small groups let the children read the information in the boxes where the tea is from and discucuss countries where tea is grown and locate them on the world map.

National Pest Control Month:   Activity 1. Let children identify different kinds of pests, household pests, yard pests and insects that are considered pests. 2. Learn about biological control of pests. 3. Discuss how we could control pests in the neighborhood and around the school.

National Rose Month:  Just as the carnation became a symbol for Mother’s Day rose was suggested by Sonora Dodd in her 1910 petition to the Spokane Ministerial Association. “It would be appropriate,”  she thought, “if people wore a white rose in remembrance of a father who had died and a red rose as a tribute to a living father.” (Read more about Sonora Dodd in Father’s Day)

WEEK1st week; Teacher Thank You Week: A great week to help instill and promote thoughts about thankfulness, appreciation, gratitude, generosity and other behaviour patterns that help charcter building in children for a peaceful society.

DAYJune 2nd Martha Washington’s birthday (1731-1802) Martha Dandredge Curtis Washington the wife of George Washington was born in new Kent County, Virginia. She became the first First Lady. Compare the present First Lady with the first First Lady.

June 6th : D-Day Anniversary (1944) D-Day is a term for secret fate on which a military operation is to begin.  June 6th 1944 is the most famous D-Day. It was on this day during Worls War II when British and American troops landed in Normandy France which was at the time occupied by Germany.

Activity: Find out ….. Who was the president of the United States at that time? Who led the American troops? Who was the leader of Germany at the time?

June 9th: Donald Duck’s birthday. Donald Duck first appeared in a short cartoon in 1934. Activity:  1. What are the names of Donald’s uncle and his nephews? take a vote; Who is your favorite? Donad Duck or Mickey Mouse? 2. Read the following books about ducks The Story About Ping(Kurt Wiese) Make Way for Ducklings (Robert McCloskey’s 1942 caldecott Award book) Happy Birthday Dear Duck (Eve Bunting) Have You Seen My Ducklings? (Nancy Tafuri)

June 14th: National Flag Day. national Flag Day was proclaimed on May 30th 1916 for this date. Betsy Ross a seamstress is credited with making the first American flag from a design given to her by a committee headed by George Washington.

Activity: 1. What does the National Flag and its colors signify? Discuss 2. As a multicultural society what ingredients of peace building can we reflect upon as we take a look at the National Flag of the United States?

3rd Sunday in June: Father’s Day: The idea of setting aside a day for father’s was partially inspired by the success of Mother’s day established in 1914. Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane, Washington listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in church decided to do the same for her father who raised up six children without a mother who had died. She suggested the 3rd Sunday in June and urged people to wear a rose on the day in honor of their fathers. Dodd tried to promote it by setting up a committe and getting political endorsements. The fervor however soon died down. She resumed her campaign in the 1930s and was tken up by the Associated Men’s Wear Retailors of New York City. The efforts of florists,, tobacconists. stationers and men’s clothiers across the country were harnessed to promote father’s day gifts.”Give dad something to wear,” became the slogan However it ws not until president Richard Nixon signed a proclamation recommending Father’s day as as a national day of observance in 1972 that it came into effect.

June 20th:  Bald Eagle becomes official symbol of the United States.

June 21st-22nd– Summer Solstice.   Wish everyone  a Hilarious….! Bubbling with Joy….! and a Peaceful and gracious… Summer!

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