May – A Month to Celebrate with Flowers

                                            Well  into the Spring May has several important days to celebrate, for all peace loving people. Celebrations to count on, reflect an meditate upon   their significance, importance and relevance to promote peace round the world.

     MAY 1st  also called May Day carries with it the custom of exchanging and giving gifts of May Baskets. Filled with flowers these baskets are a beautiful way to show love, appreciation gratitude, caring, friendliness etc. for one another. Kindling these sentiments within oneself and help stimulate and ignite them in others with words of prose or verse added would activate and disseminate peaceful thoughts and lead to the growth of peace loving individuals. However little a gesture may be it sometimes does trigger and start great changes.

     “Liitle drops of water, little grains of sand, makes the mighty ocean and the great big land…..”  so goes an English Lullaby

  Did you know that? Flowers in addition to their scent and honey that attract bees, they carry spirits and fairies that inhabit them invisibly. They have a wholesome effect with the sentiments they carry. Have you heard of the story of St. Therese of Liseux associated with the rose? The white Lilly, Ponsietta, the marigold and others in the west. The peony, mulberry, plum bloosom,narcissus, the Lotus associated in Oriental Cultures? Read “Spooky Tales from the Orient,”  for stories on ‘The spirit of the peony,’ (Japan) ‘Princess Pepperina (India),’ ‘The Flower Princesses, Na, Mi and the Blue Lotus,’ (Sri Lanka) and more.

May 5th   has many celebrations to its credit. Cinco de Mayo,  a day of celebration to the Mexican people, recalling their culture and heritage and their victory over the French armies in 1861. Mexicans have faced many challenges and faced many battles on their way to freedom.Several Mexican folktales relate valuable thoughts on living peacefully, satisfied with your own gifts in life For example the story of the ‘Unwise Rattle snake,’  from Mexico.

US National Day of Prayer  America has constantly drawn its strength and vitality from the founding fathers of the Constitution. These men undoubtedly drew their own strength from their traditinal Christian beliefs in God and His answer to prayer. The 1st Thurday in May has been made sacred as a Day of Prayer in many states. “More things are wrought by prayer, than this world could dream of,” said Alfred Lord Tennyson.

It is also Japan’s Children’s Day. Celebrated largely with glamorously dressed dolls, much like “barbies,’known to American children, Japan’s children’s day celebrations are unique as parents,celebrate the day with traditional foods, new clothes and a special trip to Kami shrines. In 2011 however children’s day opens on a dark note of the earthquake and Tsunami and the over whelming fear of children being exposed to nuclear radiation from the destroyed Fukushima Diacchi Nuclear Plant.

May 13th Mother’s Day  This celebration held generally on the 2nd Sunday in May was made possible by the efforts of Anna Jarvis, who was born in Grafton Virginia. Jarvis’s mother was a model of domestic nurturing and caring. She lived through many tragedies including the death of seven of her eleven children, but she never lost  her faith in God. Anna Jarvis’s efforts to honor her mother eventually spread throughout America and today it is one of the most popular celebrations in the country.

  As specific flowers are used to express complex emotions such as sorrow, remebrance, hope, faith love, longing etc. Anna chose the Carnation for Mother’s Day as it was the favorite flower of her mother. Corsages, bouquets, potted plants and wreathes mixed with carnations are among the many features of gifts on Mother’s day.

May 8th This is  V-E Day celebrating the end of World War II

May 5th Vesakh (Buddha Day)  This is a holy day for Buddhists round the world. The festival of Vesakh recalls and commemorates the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha, 563 b.c.e. the founder of Buddhism Together with the other great founders of religions Buddha’s teachings on peace and the importance of building peaceful relationships with one another in society are remarkably stated in Buddha’s sayings in the ‘Dhammapada.’ Buddha’s teachings on the Four great Sublime Virtues Metta (loving kindness), Karuna (compassion) Muditha (sympathetic joy) and Upekkha (equanimity) are model for harmonious living in society. Many stories based on the Jataka Tales (stories on the previous lives of the Buddha) have been written exponding his virtuous life. “The Quarrel of the Quails.”  “A Monkey Saves his Troup,” illustrate some of the essentials for peace building.  These are retold in the Collection, “Peace Tales from Asia – Building a Culture of Peace.” Visit http:://  May 30th Memorial Day   Posted in News and Events

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One Comment on “May – A Month to Celebrate with Flowers”

  1. I enjoyed your list of days to remember. It was especially interesting to find out the history of Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day!


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