April – News and Events

April News and Events     Hi, Friends, April is here to stay for one month! Let us see what she is bringing in, in her bandwagon of days we are to remember, be excited about…. to look forward to…., and even more CELEBRATE! in peace and harmony and goodwill together.

Did you know that? In an early Roman calendar, April was the second month and turned the fourth month when Caesar established the Julian calendar in 46 b.c.e.. So here we are stepping into April into Springtime!

Spring makes nature blossom with new life, that was hidden in the cold of winter. may peaceful thoughts take root and blossom in our own lives too. Remember, “April showers bring May flowers….” let’s water our own thoughts of peace and goodwill to blossom into beautiful peace loving children.

(For a craft activity you can make a paper flower and stick it in your desk, sprinkle glitter to make it shine that you may grow to be beautiful flower, everybody would admire.)

Month of April – It is also cancer control month. let’s think of what we can do to help comfort a person battling with the disease, that he may forget and overcome the bad things about cancer. A lot of times, kind words, gestures and actions can help somebody afflicted and in pain overcome these.

April is also ” Keep America beautiful month,” Wow! What a lot you can do in a whole month. Come to think of it…. If an American child gives a thought to it beginning with keeping your house clean and extending it to one’s neighborhood, then the school,  countryside and the city, America will be the most clean and beautiful place to visit. Hurrah…..! for America.

Week Celebrations  3rd week of April, Week of the young child. Imagine one whole week in which young children will get in the news, hit headlines in newspapers and other media, interviewed on TV or Radio on current topics or what might interest them. make it a week full of excitement as well as reaching out to young children in other cultures.

4th week of April. National Science and Technology week. You can engage yourselef in simple science experiments at school. Experiment with biniculars, magnets and microscopes and discuss how much science and technology has helped improve quality of life.

Special Days to celebrate. April 2nd is Hans Christian Anderson’s Birthday (1805-1875) Do you know who Hans Christian Anderson was? he was born in Denmark. he was very lonely. The story of “The Ugly Duckling,” is said to be his own life story. Many of the best loved fairy tales children love to read today and retold by many authors were originally written by Anderson. “Little Mermaid,” “Thumbelina,” “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” “Snow Queen,” and many more are the works of Hans Christian Anderson.

April 2d  is also International Children’s Book Day – Celebrated together with Hans Christian Anderson’s bBirthday. make a list of all the stories and books you love to read and make a determination to read more and more and write your own stories. Visit www.funchildsbooks.com  Story telling center.

April 5th is the Chinese festival of Quingming.     Read More…….  Posted in News and Events

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