The Story of Queen Viharemahadevi

  There was once a king by the name of Kelani Tissa who ruled Sri Lanka from his capital in Kelaniya. He got furious with a monk whom he wrongly suspected was involved with his queen in some way. He ordered the monk to be put in a boiling cauldronn of oil and be put to death. The king’s courtiers and the subjects were horrified, but could do nothing about it. The gods were angry with the king for his horrific deed and caused the ocean to swell and flood the land like a (Tsunami)

  The king realized his mistake and was greatly disturbed. In order to appease the gods and save the land he built a golden boat with enough food to last a month, and placing his eldest daughter in it set it adrift on the ocean to be drowned as a ransom. He also placed an inscription within, notifying that she was a princess.

  The boat rifted along the southern coast of Sri Lanka with the princess quiet and asleep, reconciled to her fate. A few days later some fishermen seeing the boat drew it ashore. and was surprised to see a princess inside. They reported it to king Kavan Tissa who was ruling in Magama a city in the South of Sri Lanka. The princess was rescued and brought before the king. The princess was very beautiful and the king immediately fell in love with her, and married her and gave her the name Viharemahadevi. She bore him two sons who both became famous heroes of Sri Lanka. The eldest was the famed Dutugemunu, who defeated the South Indian invader Elara and re-united the country and established the kingdom of Anuradhapura.

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