Japan and the Breaking News of Earthquake and Tsunami

  As human beings sharing in a common brotherhood, who will not be shocked and disturbed by the heart rending news of the recent calamity that overran Japan?

Japan as we all know is a courageous nation that has withstood a disastrous Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The aftermath of World War 2 and quick post-war reconstruction showed up an altogether new face of Japan with rapid economic and industrial growth. This, to the extent that no single American household could boast of not possessing some kind of equipment, toy or household item produced in Japan.

  It has almost become a norm for us today, to hear some breaking news of some kind of natural disater striking one country or another. This only goes to prove how much mother nature is still in control, despite man’s ingenuity and herculean endeavors to master it. It is noteworthy that people have come up with many theories and explanations besides the workings of nature itself to explain away such phenomena. However, as men and women of the common stock of humanity, our hearts go out to the Japanese people as we share in their sorrows, cares and concerns as a mourning and bereaving nation at this time.

  We extend our heart’s great confidence and hope that as a courageous nation they will rise up once again from the ashes and the debri of destruction to become a strong country with greater defences ready to withstand nature’s onslaughts in the future with amazing grace. May peace and tranquility return speedily to Japan

  Born and bred in a country that has withstood a similar Tsunami in conclusion let me relate a story of a heroic Qeen from the annals of Sri Lanka.  The story of Queen Viharamahadevi.   Posted in Stories

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