What is Peace Education?

What is Peace Education?    Posted in   Articles 1Thrice nominated for the Nobel Prize for peace one of the greatest statements of the famous educationist Dr. Maria Montessori was, “preventing war is the work of politicians, establishing peace is the work of educationists.”

In a digital world of today with its advanced technology that can make anything available at the point of your fingertips, the mere push of a button, a click and a press, one wonders if we could create peace in the same way? in this respect only one thing is certain, no one has so far attempted it and if at all they tried, it has not been a successful endeavor.

The creation of of a peaceful world seems to be getting further and further from us. Everybody thought that an end to the last world war will bring us peace and security. The prospect of war and the ugly head of terrorism raising itself somewhere or the other is getting more and more terrifying. Tales of cruelty and oppression, gunmen running on the rampage and recklessly killing innocent victims, statistics of starvation, records of displaced persons, political refugees and homeless people are ever on the increase. The fear of being gunned down has even entered the schools. In such a situation can we ever talk of peace?

Still we need not be alarmed. For there is hope. One way to address the problem is at the grass-roots level of the child, the creator of the future man responsible for creating a peaceful world.. Just as the creative genius of the imagination of men and women have succeeded in hitting the box-office today and making media headlines, providing fun and entertainment for millions, let’s look forward to that period in time when the creative endeavors for peace of men and women working together will create a better world where PEACE will be a stark reality rather than a flying fantasy.

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